So Why North Carolina?

So now we know that human trafficking isn’t just a global issue. We know who the victims are and what the misconceptions were. So now the big question is so what? It doesn’t affect me right? Even if it happens it America it surly isn’t a problem in North Carolina! Not necessarily.

The Biblical Recorder says “With five interstate highways slicing through North Carolina, this state is well located for its earned reputation as a hotspot for human trafficking in both the sex and farm labor arenas.” As you can see North Carolina provides an opportunistic environment for human trafficking.  With many interstates and international airports it is easier than in some places to transport people.

In North Carolina this year there have been 212 hotline calls and 52 human trafficking cases reported (NHTRC). Although these numbers are high, we can pride ourselves that numbers have dropped every year since 2012. However, the fight still remains. According to Elon University, “North Carolina is the eighth largest hub for human trafficking in the United States.” So this problem isn’t going away.

The best thing you can do is educate yourself and be aware the victims and how they are targeted. The NHTRC there are different industries and companies that are using either forced labor, or sex labor. In regards to reported cases, popular industries for labor trafficking are agriculture, health and beauty services, small businesses, and domestic workers. As for sex trafficking, the popular industries are hotels and motels, online advertisement, commercial brothels, escort services, and even bars and clubs. Although this can happen to anyone of any race, age, or sex, there are higher numbers in certain demographics. In North Carolina the victims of the reported cases have been Adult Females either from the US or foreign.

This not a foreign problem, or simply an American problem, it is also a North Carolina problem. If you ever see something that looks like a human trafficking situation or transaction, call the Hotline. It’s better to be wrong than say nothing at all. Call 1-888-373-7888. If your nervous and don’t know what to expect go to this website and they will guide you through what it will be like when you call or what to look for.

If you are interested in reading on more statistics here are my resources for this week: