An Extension of Education

            In my last blog we talked a lot about the importance of education. Education truly is knowledge in everything that you do. However; there is something that might be more important than that, and that is awareness. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you are not aware of your surroundings, other people, the world, and yourself, then education is useless. This is a key factor in the prevention of human trafficking simply because awareness is an extension of education. It is the action performed as a result of acquired education.

That being said, something that is a good idea to do, yet is simplistic in style, is to discover your slavery footprint. According the U.S Department of State, this is realizing what you consume and where/who it comes from. Every day we use, wear, and buy things made in factories around the world. And those factories are filled with people illegally forced into labor, or abused people from their employers. An easy way to avoid companies that use forced labor is by checking out the Department of Labor’s List of Good’s Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor (U.S Dept. of State). Although many are educated on the issues of forced labor, or poor labor conditions used in countries by many large corporations, they may not be aware of the situations around them and how they affect the outcomes. Thus, it is important to not only be aware, but make others aware. In addition, keep companies reliable. “Encourage companies, including your own, to take steps to investigate and eliminate slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains and to publish the information for consumer awareness.” (U.S Dept. of State) 

            Also if your aware help others increase their awareness. “Distribute public awareness materials available from the Department of Health and Human Services, or Department of Homeland Security (U.S Dept. of State). Utilizing these resources will increase your credibility, and help prevent future trafficking incidents. In addition, get involved in your community. “Host an awareness event to watch and discuss a recent human trafficking documentary.” (U.S Dept. of State) This can do wonders for people’s education and awareness, as well as expand your knowledge.

Check out this facebook page to see what partents are doing about human trafficking needing to be taught in schools.

Check out this facebook page to see what partents are doing about human trafficking needing to be taught in schools.

            Lastly, something that is important to consider are future generations. Human trafficking is a rising problem and they need to be aware of this global crime. Especially when children are affected in such high numbers. A great way to help bring kids an education and an awareness of this is by talking with their school board. “See if you can get the ideas of modern day slavery in their curriculum.” (U.S Dept. of State) Slavery is a huge topic in schools ranging from elementary school following through college, yet modern day slavery is often left out. By helping school systems realize the human trafficking target set on their schools, they may see the importance in educating their students about it.


            All in all, the reason why this is important is because one person can’t change the world. They can only start the change. There has never been one person who started and sustained a global movement or change by themselves. People are worthless without people. We can’t change the way our society thinks or acts with one person doing this alone. It’s vital to the movement to share your knowledge and awareness with others, so they too can pass it on. Because like it or not, you are now a part of a global movement.