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speaking out against human traffickingOur mission is to create an educated and informed world to end human trafficking one state at a time.

After personally being trafficked at 19 years old and focusing much of her collegiate studies on human trafficking and sex slavery, Jillian Mourning felt called to use her voice and education to do something.

In 2012, All We Want Is LOVE was formed and quickly has grown to encompass an amazing group of freedom fighters with the same vision: A world where humans are NOT for sale.



All We Want Is LOVE fights trafficking through three main components:


fight against human trafficking

Through education of high schools, colleges, and individuals everywhere All We Want Is LOVE is dedicated to making sure everyone knows of the injustice of trafficking. We teach people anything from the basics on trafficking, types, why, acquisition, the trap, and tangible things individuals can do. Through our education we create individuals capable of recognizing a potential situation and the drive to report such findings. We also educate to break the stigma and silence. The often harsh and alienated stigma associated with trafficking victims keeps them silent and leaving us in a world where the victims are criminalized and people don’t know how to help because not enough are talking.



Trainingstraining bout human trafficking

We facilitate trainings for different business groups to train employees who may come across trafficking situations. From hotel workers, cable and power companies, and creating events for law enforcement, providing resources and training to those most likely to come across a trafficking victim plays a crucial role in their potential and hopeful freedom.




Rescue Resources

soap clean up traffic

We provide rescue resources from tangible items marked with the hotline number as well as packets describing human trafficking and the signs catered to specific businesses. We truly believe the more resources out in the public the greater the impact made to end this massive injustice.

We partner with several other organizations who help us in our goal of fighting human trafficking. Thanks to support from counselors, attorneys, and businesses we have resources to provide victims coming out of trafficking.